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My idol

My idol is xiahe

I knew him when I was in high school for the first time. Because he and his boyfriend broke up, it was bubbling with noise on the Internet. I know and understand him when I pay attention to his Sina micro-blog.He is after 1980’s.He has a unique view of music and movies. He is a writer ,at the same time he also run a TaoBao shop and the shop’s name is “Yao Ju”.

Because he is Gay , some people don’t believe in him. In face of someone’s attack, he can easily face it, He can also be brave and fights back. He has courage to confess himself. He has the mind in business. His TaoBao shop reach gold crown during four hundred days. He comply with the commitment to customers .the products with good quality and pursuit of perfection.

I learned form him that we should not only to believe in ourselves, but also be brave in admitting our shortcomings. We should calmly face anything.

I want to be a sunshine ,radiant and enchanting girl. I want to have a healthy and happy attitude toward life. And for my work , I want to try my best and become the best. And for love, I want to be faithful to my husband. Because I’m Yym. I can let oneself have a clear conscience ; let my family be proud of me. let my friends have a warm heart.

第二篇:《我的偶像蔡依林 英语作文

The life story of a famous star My hero is called Jolin,who was born in September. 15th,1980 in a working family.Her father was a accouter and her mother took the responsibility of a citizen as a volunteer.{偶像英语作文}.

She was very shy in her childhood and disliked talking with others.But singing is her favorite.When she was in Jing Mei high school,she

paticipated in a music competition held by MTV Music Radio with the support of teachers and classmates.Finally,she won the first prize due to defeating over thousands paticipants.What’s more,she became the last champion as a song called ‘The greatest love of all’ in the final game. In the same year in May,her first sign test resulted her to enter into Fu Ren Catholic University.

Teacher Wu discovered her in March 1999.Then Jolin got a opportunity to sign a contract witn the universal music company as the key in July launched the first individual song ‘and neighbors around the world’.Pure and fresh air from vulgarity temperament made Jolin quickly attract the attention of students fans,which leaded her to become a hot new artist of the year.

However,her singing career countered into difficulties on August

15,2001.Regarding the company’s provision ‘record a new album every six months’,she was dissatisfied with such business requirements.In addition,long-term accounts is not clear in her company,which brought into a press conference announced that she decided to suspend the contract at all costs.This event shook Taiwan music and Jolin’s singing career touched the bottom.

In July 2002,Jolin joined SONY music company, which is a turning point of her music career.Next,when the agreement is due,she entered into EMI Capitol Records,which make her into the international stage.

Now,she has become the Chinese pop music singer,famous for rich fusion of difficult dance music.During her career,she has won 12 mandarin album prizes and sales of her records are more than three million copies in Taiwan.Any way,she has achieved a success and becomes better and better.


土木工程学院丁大钧班 英语作文(2) 院伟 05A11538

Idolatry in china

Idolatry has been an essential part of young's lives in china. And of course the social phenomenon, as a double-edged problem, has drawn more attention from people of all walks of lives.

Maybe we at first should refer some information. It was conveyed that people worshipped classicist like Confucius and Mencius in 1913. Then people worshipped LiuDehua, ZhouEnlai ,MaoZedong and so on. We can draw a conclusion easily that the idols we worship have been changed from cultural field and political field to entertainment field.

Now I would like to raise three questions:who should be our idols? Why he can be our idols? And what attitude should we possess?

If we think it for granted that an idol should have cool hairstyle or

fashionable clothes, even just distinctive appearance, we are absolutely wrong. With that idea we may waste a large amount of time. At the same time, there exist many young people admiring entertainment stars crazily. In my view, whoever is able to be our idol as long as we can learn something good from them? By worshipping the idol, we can improve ourselves and we can lead a positive and happy life. So here I want remind you of that:”Believe in the ideal, not the idol.” Of course we’d better not say that an idol is nothing and after all we would need an example to direct us in our lives.

In the end, as far as I’m concerned, we should seek a balance about dealing with idols. To us college students, we can truly cheer for an "idol ".


第四篇:《2015厦门市高三质检英语作文 每个人都有自己崇拜的偶像》








Everyone has his own idol.

One possible version

Everyone has his own idol. While Shakespeare's followers absorb themselves in the wisdom of his

masterpieces and Stephen Hawking inspires science lovers into the exploration of the universe, the one I admire most is Jack Ma, whose creativity and perseverance make him a legend as he is today.

Creativity is the stepping stone for Jack Ma’s success, earning him the first barrel of gold in life and serving as the driving force for more challenges. Yet life is not always what we expect it to be. What makes Jack Ma stand out is his never giving up when faced with difficulties and setbacks. Just as the saying goes, the man who has made up his mind to win will never say “impossible”.{偶像英语作文}.

Everyone can be his own hero. Through Jack Ma and his story, I get to realize what one can achieve through all his efforts and that even if life is tough, I will be tougher and never fail to try.

第五篇:《于汇彤——英语作文 偶像吴亦凡》{偶像英语作文}.

以梦想为名 偶像英文 亲写{偶像英语作文}.

On November 6, 1990,kris was born in guangzhou, queer life with his mother after his parents divorced, immigration in vancouver, Canada at the age of 10. Middle school to return to guangzhou, in 15 years old was the captain of the basketball team, in the young NBA China held 2005 junior high school basketball league, in southern China championship, after back to Canada to continue studying. Middle school high school in Canada and Sir Winston Churchill.


Wu queer as members of the exobiology official debut on On April 8th, 2012 在2012年4月8号,吴亦凡作为exo成员出道{偶像英语作文}.

when May 15, 2014, wu exit exobiology queer


He high cold and handsome,High stand of bridge of the nose, this heady eyes, the ambition of the eyebrows, the lovely mouth, and the height of 1 meter 8 a few,he is my emperor wu,I very worship him because he was holding on to your

dream,All that you see, your good is not just only we know, even passers-by feel,Personality is not affected,Clean warm boy, have the responsibility to bear{偶像英语作文}.


Every time I smell the fragrance of heaven from your eyes

Holding you in my dream fly over a moonlight

每次我从你的眼光 嗅到天堂的香

在梦里牵著你 飞过一地月光

Wu queer I will be proud of you, the belongs to my distant weave a better place 吴亦凡我将以你为荣,把属于我的远方编织的更美好

第六篇:《英语作文my idol 我的偶像》

Course name: English WritingⅠ

Instructor: HU Chunmei (胡春梅)

Student: XIAO Mixue(肖米雪,1001010314)

Class: 3

Date: Sept.26.2011

My idol

As the old saying goes: An idol is an example to advise you what should do and what should not do. Everyone has his/her idol. Who is your idol? Your parents, famous people or a movie star?

My idol is my father who is not only an excellent father but also a responsible husband. First of all, in my memories, he doesn’t argue with my mother all the time. Exactly speaking, he is a tolerant husband. Whenever me mom angry, the great father always has many ways to make my mother delighted. Without my father, I can’t imagine the atmosphere in my family. Then, he is a responsible father. Last year, my brother was put into prison for a week since he had a fight with other guys. My mother cried all day, however, my father went to prison to visit my brother and had a deep talk with my brother. A week later, my brother turned into another person just like my father. The great father teaches his children how to face instead of how to hide. The least but not last, because my father works in a company far away from our home, he goes back home every weekends. He would talk a lot with my brother and me as long as he goes back. From his talking, I get lot and begin to know what a person my father is.

He is the man just I want to be, so I endeavor to be a person like my father: a tolerant, responsible and an optimistic person.


My idol is my father; I hope I will be the idol of my children.




¡¡¡¡Have you got someone in your heart ?Is there anybody who you will think of when you are in trouble?If so , congratulations , you've got an idol!

¡¡¡¡Like many adolescents ,I admired sport starts very much.The one who I adored most is Allen Iverson----an NBA baskeball player.It's well known that NBA is symbolic of the highest level of basketball in the world .It's the dream of all the basketball players around the world and it really gathered most of the best players from every country .Among all of the basketball stars ,Allen Iverson is a differt one . Allen is a small guy in his working field , only about 1.83 m,it's hard to imagine how to struggle well with this stature in the most fierce battlefield of NBA . However, it seemed that to be a little short cannot stop his step for his dream .Everybody who has seen his show in basketball court has a deep impression about his skills and the eagerness for victory.And it's also a legend of his history .Some fans summarize Allen's life into three words:"Blood,tears and sweat"Allen really set a good example to youngsters who like him.Just like many American negroes ,Allen led a poor childhood,he had no money to buy new clothes ,no big rooms to live in ,even had no father to love cause his family is incomplete.What he had is basetball, the whole of his life.He knows only basketball can change his life ,can bring his family good future ,can take his relatives far from hunger and death.So he tried hard to play basketball,he trained harder than anybody else .And finally, he succeeded !The famous saying of Allen Iverson is :"Only the strong survive!"That has become the convictions among the young people who want to achieve their goals. ¡¡¡¡Life isn't a bed of roses,only the strong survive!I have grown up ,it's time for me to strive for my own dream, like a real man , like my idol--Allen Iverson!



My role model

Everyone has a role model in their. As the old saying goes: An idol is an example to advise you what should do and what should not do. My role model is my middle school teacher , a beautiful woman with a long hair.

I can’t forget that time which I spent with my teacher. When I start my middle school life, I can’t adapt to the environment . So have a difficulity making a good friend with my classmates . At that time ,I ‘m very shy . I have no idea about how to solve this thing . When I lose confidence in the school life .M y teacher starts to attention to me . She chats with me in a role of my friend and helps me how to enjoy new life .She also introduce many friends to me .

Gradually , I became outgoing and energy happy . So I thank my teacher very much .Since then ,I made a decision to be a teacher to help students who need help.

She is the person just I want to be, so I endeavor to be a person like my teacher: a tolerant, responsible and an optimistic person.

My role model is my teacher; I hope I will be the idol of my students , if I’m a teacher.






The Real Slim Shady

Marshall Bruce Mathers Ⅲ,better known by his stage name Eminem and another Slim Shady,is a famous American rapper.As a white,it’s so unbelievable that Eminem achieve success in rapping,a world of black.He has been listed and ranked as one of the greatest artists of all time by many magazines,including Rolling Stones magazine which declared him The King of Hip Hop.In the meantime,he is in controversy all the time because his works is full of sex,violence,anti-homosexual,drugs and attack on other artists.You can find dirty words in every lyrics.Nevertheless,he is still my idol.

A lot of elder people do not accept Eminem because they consider him a lunatic at best,who is only capable of saying some vulgar and indecent words,cursing others as well as asking for trouble.They think the works of Eminem’s refer to emotion of anti-homosexual,disgust to women and excessive description of violence,which influences the social atmosphere negatively to a large extent.For all the bitter criticism about him,as far as I am concerned,they are just far from understanding him and what he have been through.He lived poor life since he was born and his parents divorced when he was six years old.You can hard imagine that he hasn’t known,as yet,who his father is.His mother taking him to run around all along makes him change more than 20 schools. He grew up with malnutrition and maltreat from his mother,so he was thinner and smaller than his schoolmates,which makes him often bullied by others.He even once saw a corpse in the doorway of his home after school.So he found the world violence in his young mind.That’s why Eminem hate his parents,violence,policy,gentlemen,icons,even the whole world.And that’s also the reason I admire him.What he has experienced didn’t destroy him but make him stronger to confront life. He had found his talent in cadence and rhyme then he showed these to people by rap .He directly attack everything ever hurt him with sharp words,such as the

government,violence,war,pop stars and his mother,etc.Having been through such a extremely painful childhood,Eminem,however,refuse to compromise to this tough life and remain a intensive hope.He against domestic violence and become involved with charities,anti-war and drugs with an active attitude.In the end,Eminem is honoured as The Great White Hope through continuous perseverance.

In my eyes,Eminem is not only a rapper but a culture that will affect and inspire the young generation.His fabulous story present us with indeed strong and confidence and his attitude towards life merits our admiration.